Exposição I Am Home, de Tribambuka

'I am home' é a exposição de Tribambuka, a convite do atelier 3|3, no Porto. 

Tribambuka (também conhecida como Anastasia Beltyukova) é uma ilustradora russa-britânica artista e diretora de animação de São Petersburgo, Rússia, que saiu de "casa" em busca de "casa" e a encontrou em Londres, depois de ter ficado presa por causa da erupção do vulcão Eyjafjallajökull. Ela felizmente vive e trabalha lá desde então. Agora ela está em busca de si mesma.

Nesta exposição apresenta uma seleção de desenhos, gravuras e diários gráficos a partir dos quais se realçam múltiplos desenhos  feitos com recurso a técnicas mistas. Os trabalhos presentes no atelier 3|3 baseiam-se nos temas 'Home' e 'Identity', bem como na interseção e cruzamento entre eles. O projeto também inclui o lançamento e apresentação do zine 'Home' criado em colaboração e por convite do atelier 3 I 3 e do mini zine 'I Am' co-editado e impresso em riso com o atelier 3|3 e a Mundo Fantasma.

I Am Home. Tribambuka.
Zine Home. Tribambuka. SOLD OUT
SmalI Zine, I Am. Tribambuka.

Here we present a selection of drawings, prints and mixed media sketchbooks by Tribambuka, a Russian-British illustrator. These works are based on the themes of ‘Home’ and ‘Identity’ as well as the intersection and crossover between them. The project also includes the launch and presentation of the zine ‘Home’ created in collaboration and by invitation of atelier 3I3 and the and the mini zine ‘I Am’ co-published and printed in riso with atelier 3|3 and Mundo Fantasma. What is home? At first we don’t realise that we have a ‘home’. We are one with the world. Then we outgrow home, we leave home… or we lose home. We miss home. We seek home. We build home. We find a home in another. We become a home to another. We return home. We are home. Is it a place? Is it a thing? Is it outside? Is it within?  Inside of what? Outside of what? Am I a home? What is home? Who am I? Most people in big multicultural cities came from somewhere else, and the idea of what Home is has become quite blurred for our nomadic generation. Tribambuka asked the question of many people and surprisingly never received two similar answers. We all seek our literal or metaphorical homes, whether we left or lost them. That search is at the heart of our odyssey through life and ultimately defines who we are.  The artist approaches Home and Identity as one theme rather than two. Home is about belonging, being fully yourself. In Jungian symbolism a home/house usually represents one’s psyche. The idea of home is inseparable from the idea of one’s identity. Our relationship with the concept of home transforms as we continually transform on the path of self-realisation. Once we find ourselves – we find the home we seek. This unified theme has so many aspects that it could be a lifetime’s work. This project is just a starting point. Tribambuka invites the audience to participate by sharing their thoughts and ideas which will inspire future explorations. About the artist: Tribambuka (aka Anastasia Beltyukova) is an illustrator, artist and animation director from St. Petersburg, Russia who left home in search of home and found it in London, after being stuck there because of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull’s eruption. She happily lives and works there since. Now she’s in search of herself. She’s hoping she might find herself in Porto.

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